2007 A Year in Review

January 2007
A month of firsts for sure. Ben came home after 36 days in the NICU. He was tube free and monitor free! We made our first trip back to the hospital on the 22nd. It was Ben’s first SVT at home, my first call to 911 and my first ride in an ambulance. We spent the night at the hospital. I became a temporary stay at home mom as I learned I was granted paid work release to stay home with Ben for the semester because he was not healthy enough to go to daycare. My brother celebrated his 29th birthday and my Dad celebrated his 58th birthday.

February 2007
We spent a gloriously uneventful month at home.

March 2007
I had one of the scariest days of my life (and that’s saying something) this month. Ben contracted non-RSV bronchitis and the day it got really bad we made another trip to the hospital by ambulance, this time from the doctor’s office. We also learned that he had asthma at 4 months old. Ben and I spent a week in the hospital.

April 2007
Chris and I celebrated our 7th anniversary – woah, has it really been that long. Evey celebrated her 3rd birthday. We redecorated her room into a big girl room in honor of her birthday. Dad had his first surgery to correct his hiatal hernia. He also has his first round of complications from his hernia surgery. This is the very first time I had to deal with the thought that my dad might die.

May 2007
Dad entered his 5th week in the hospital this month. They also diagnosed him with ruptured diverticulitis. They did more surgeries to correct that. I was hard core back into jewelry making. Dad came home late in the month and was looking good and feeling much better. Ben had his second, third and fourth cases of SVT at home and his first case of RSV. Chris’s dad also spent a week in the hospital due to something similar to diverticulitis.

June 2007
Evey got her first big hair cut. We became proud Toyota Camry owners and Chris became the ecstatic owner of a shiny new iPhone. I did my first round of portrait photography for my aunt. Dad has his last surgery related to the diverticulitis.

July 2007
Evey, Ben and I made the long trip to Wisconsin for a week to visit some extended family – it was a wonderful trip. I stood in line until 2 am for Harry Potter 7. My father unexpectedly passed away from what we believe was a blood clot in his lungs from his previous surgeries.

August 2007
After 9 months off I started back to work teaching full time. Ben started day care for the first time.

September 2007
I turned a happy 31 years old. I held my first ever garage sale with my in-laws and it was a wonderful experience.

October 2007
Ben spent another week in the hospital and had another SVT episode. We changed his heart medicine and it made all the difference in keeping him healthy. Ben starred as Obi One Kenobi for Halloween and Evey starred as a good witch.

November 2007
Chris celebrated his birthday. I was first introduced to the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers. We started some lovely new traditions for Thanksgiving and spent a lot of time being thankful for all the wonderful years we spent with my father.

December 2007
After some time off I got back into my blog again. Ben celebrated his first birthday in grand style. I further deepened my Twilight addiction by discovering fan-fiction. I finished my first painting in a really, really long time and we had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

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