4th of July photographic evidence

I know I’m always late. It’s a problem I have.

We had a great time over the holiday. We spent part of the day relaxing
at Mom’s house and the evening watching the local fireworks show. Well
some of us any way, the daughter and her cousins decided that watching
her Gameboy was more fun. Huh? Time to cut them off, I think.

Here are some of the highlights from Mom’s house. The shoulderless golfer (courtesy of my brother, Bill), Bill teaching useless life skillz to my kids, (no that’s not a typo, you heard me I said SKILLZ) Chris grillin it up and some of Chris’s always lovely chalk drawings (I keep trying to tell him to be an illustrator but he says, nah), more useless life skillz, and quick Lego tower.


(Click the picture for a larger version.)