a burger that brought a tear to my eye

From yesterday’s a week in the life post I’m sure you noticed that we went out to eat for lunch. We left good old suburbia and ventured down to the big scary urban sprawl to have lunch with Chris. It was my turn to pick the destination. I didn’t have to think twice, Chef Burger. I’d heard rumor of the legendary burger joint from a few of Chris’s work pals. The best burger they’d ever eat. Well we’ll have to see about that.

Chef Burger is situated right in the heart of Kansas City’s new, chic and trendy Power and Light District. It’s a cute little place with funky retro decorating and a line out the door. If you can’t find a menu, no worries, all you need to know is painted right on the wall where you wait to order. Even with a line out the door the service was fantastic – we waited less than 5 minutes which is a must since we had both kids in tow.

Chris ordered a basic bacon cheese burger and fries. I ordered the KC BBQ Blue Ring Burger and sweet potato fries. Might as well give the place the full review since who knows when I’ll get a chance to go back.

10 minutes later Chris brings back a huge tray of food loaded with the largest burger I’ve ever seen and a pile of sweet potato fries as large as my head. I dig into the fries and they were amazing. The burger. Oh my. The. Burger. Was. Amazing. Barbecue sauce, blue cheese, bacon, onions, a perfectly cooked burger, and a whole grain bun. Something that tastes that good has to be sinful.

If you ever happen to be passing through Kansas City and have time to detour a bit for a delicious lunch. This is definitely a place worth the stop.