a conversation with myself…

It’s one of those days…

Me 1: So uh, Jen. How’s it going? It’s Wild Flower Wednesday. Where’s your post?

Me 2: *ducks head* Well, uh, you remember that school banquet last night? And the project planning on Monday? And the stamp drawing on Sunday? And laundry, don’t forget about the pile of laundry threatening to bury my bedroom and the fact that the kids can’t go to school naked.

Me 1: Taps foot. Yeah, so…

Me 2: Well, with all of that going on I thought I would have time but I just wasn’t able to fit it in. I know, I need to plan ahead better.

Me 1: *mutters under breath* lazy, going to bed at 11 pm, good for nothing

Me 2: I need sleep… I mean do you KNOW what it’s like to teach 13 and 14 year olds all day? If I don’t get at least 5 hours they’ll eat me alive.

Me 1: Sure, sure. *Gives me the mom brow* Just don’t let it happen again. And I expect that card to be finished TODAY.

Me 2: Yes, yes, it’ll be done tonight and posted tomorrow.

Me 1: It better be.

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