a little baby, a little foo

A little baby…
So today is filled with lots of stuff to do. We’ll be heading out in a bit to my sister-in-laws first baby shower. It should be a powder blue blast. (it’s a boy) If it’s anything like her bridal shower it means that my daughter will be hogging all the attention and presents while Keeley graciously smiles and allows encourages it. In typical Jen style I went way overboard on the gifts but hey, isn’t that what aunts are for? Besides it’s not likely that we’ll be having any more kids and mine are rapidly outgrowing the Babies R Us stage so I have to shop there while I still can.

A little foo…
We are going to the Foo Fighters concert tonight! SCHWEET! I think I love them. Skin and Bones is my favorite album EVER. (shh…don’t tell Garth Brooks that his live album has been demoted.) I would like to thank my lovely friend Brad’s cousin Andrew for deciding to get married on this glorious night because now I get to sit in the seat that was originally supposed to be filled by Brad. (Sorry, about that Brad….I am really sorry, truly I am.) How about I make it up to you by scheduling a round of golf for you and Chris next weekend? Beers on me? Deal? Awesome!

It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen a concert. It was the Dixie Chicks right at the beginning of the big brouhaha surrounding certain comments about a certain president about whom I will keep my snide comments to myself. And ironically Chris and I went with Brad and his lovely wife. It was phenominal. I fully expect tonight to be just as amazing if not better. (yes…I’m musically eclectic, I know.) I can’t wait to find out what Foo is and how you Fight it. Man I just love that joke, it never gets old.

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