a sad day, indeed

Today is yet another day when my occasional lack of attention to such things as school bulletins has come back to bite me. Okay, let be honest, it’s a general lack of attention not occasional. I pay attention to the important stuff – grade due dates, meeting notices and the like but student bulletins generally don’t make the cut.

As I was getting dressed this morning I thought vaguely to myself – it’s spirit week, I might be able to wear jeans. Then realization hit once more. I don’t do spirit week. I’m a person who likes to blend in, at least physical appearance wise. The thought of wearing mismatched attire or geek day makes me break out into a cold sweat. I just can’t pull it off. So as quickly as I thought of spirit week I dismissed it. I’ll just stick with what I had already planned out.

When I walked into work I noticed I’d left my school keys at home. Again. They are laying on my nightstand, excellent place for them I think. I trot across the hall to borrow my neighbors keys. I freeze. Wait. A. Minute. She is wearing JEANS and a sweat shirt. What the heck?

Now I should stop to state that jeans days are miraculous wonders of my work environment. I will do a lot for jeans day. Why? I love jeans. A more perfect form of clothing has never been invented. One piece of clothing that is oh so comfy and spans the realm of so many different clothing genres. And jeans at work…when I’m normally relagated to wearing skirts and dress pants to teach art…jeans are a little slice of heaven.

So causally I ask, “What’s today’s spirit wear?” “It’s red day,” my co-worker replied. ARG! I mentally flog myself for not paying more attention to the 14 Red Ribbon Week emails I recieved the previous week. I can do red day.

So here I sit clad in my denim skirt (which I do adore and would wear everyday if it were acceptable) and an orange top, mourning the loss of a jeans day that I can’t get back. It is a sad day, indeed.

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