a week in the life #4

a week in the life vol. 1 (rules found here)
a week in the life vol. 2
a week in the life vol. 3



8:25 am: how is a mom supposed to resist that face?
9:45 am: ugh, groceries
1:45 pm: look mom, i can stick my whole head in
1:57 pm: it’s a rolly polly
2:13 pm: race ya

there were lots less pics today but that’s cause we spent the day
mostly at home swimming in the inflatable pool we bought. we had a
blast and I took a ton of pics but I didn’t want to go crazy with a
bunch that looked the same. and cause there is a damn fly that keeps buzzing my head making my
computer down time miserable. Off to console myself with Jon Stewart.

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