a week in the life #7

So I’ll confess to posting this late. Deal with it. Moving on..

So this brings us to the last day of my little week in the life photo montage experiment. Hope it was moderately enjoyable or at least better than a paper cut or getting a splinter. I’m a little sad to see it end (though secretly happy not to feel guilty every time I forget the camera when we leave the house). *Tear*

Oh one other thing….I have a really bad sunburn and I need to whine about it and say OUCH. Now that is done I won’t have to say it again, well, unless I move my arms.

So here she is…


Here we go….clockwise.

8 something AM: “So mom when you gonna hook me up with a brother so we can gang up on her?” or alternately “So mom, this is what you get for not getting me that little sister like I asked for. Love ya, Evey.”

1:ish PM: Grass. Mowed.

2:30 PM: Dang, can she get any cuter? Seriously.

2:30 something PM: Conquered a few more pages in the book that refuses to be finished. It’s getting more interesting though – a few more days at the pool and I should be done.

2:40 something PM: Look at that awesome sky. 80 something degrees, low humidity and sunny – is it really almost July?

3:15ish PM: She could really pull of dreadlocks. Wonder what Chris would think about that?

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