A Wonderful Christmas

Tuesday was a really good day. Ben was up early (5:45 a.m.)- to be expected cause he always is. 😀 So the two of us were up hanging out, me with my cup of coffee and him with a bottle of warm milk, I was reading blogs and Twilight fan-fic while he was just chillin in his high chair with his see though jungle book.

Evey and Chris were up around 8:30 or so. That kid gets her sleeping genes from her dad, they both have no interest in getting up early no matter what the occasion. This was the first year that she was really excited about Santa coming. She understood it last year but she didn’t really anticipate it like she did this year. Here are the highlights of what Santa brought her: a pink doll house, a pink pony Webkinz, and Chris’s old Gameboy. Ben got a Little People garage (it’s exactly the same one I had when I was little only updated with the new plastic people – it’s SO cool), a train that moves across the floor when you push a button and a really cool bathtub boat. I got Chris a Garmin Nuvi since he travels so much for work and Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He got me a new crock pot, a new necklace, The Queen and The Holiday, and a Japanese Cherry Blossom set from Bath and Body Works.


At noon we headed over to the in-laws house for brunch and more presents. MIL made a HUGE spread of food for brunch. Egg casserole, ham, brisket, rolls, fruit, homemade breads and candy. It was all delicious. Next came presents…Evey got all the furniture for her doll house, Ben got a ball popper thing that he loves and a baseball toy that’s cute, I got My Sims for the Wii and a gift card to go shopping for more clothes, woohoo! Chris got a Wii game and a Senseo coffee maker. We gave Evey and Ben’s cousins some Webkinz, books, puzzles, two Cranium games, a hover craft toy and we gave his mom and dad the coolest wood tic-tac-toe board and a wood sudoku board that’s like scrabble.


Then we were off to my brothers for Christmas with my mom and my SIL’s family. My SIL, Keeley, out did herself with the food. It was the best turkey I have ever had. We had a blast playing Wii bowling and just hanging out. It was also really really hard for my mom. It was the first Christmas without Dad and I know she has really been struggling. It’s hard to see her so sad. She misses him more than I can even imagine and I know I’m not the best at being comforting to her because I get pretty upset myself. Keeley’s parents are awesome and really helped her have a good Christmas. After dinner we had one last round of gifts. Evey again – spoiled rotten. She got some super cute clothes and a massive play-dough set from mom and a Princess bike from Bill and Keeley. Ben got clothes, a gift card and a really LOUD car toy from Bill and Keeley. He got a really cool train thing from my mom that drives on the carpet and more clothes. I got a spa gift card – woohoo! All of the girls that were there got one and we are going to make a trip of it. Chris got some new clothes from the Gap and Mario Galaxy (sweet!).


So that was Christmas. It was a really good day. I know Dad wanted us to have a great day, he was never one to want anyone to wallow or feel sad. He was all about having a good time and being happy – and we were and I know he’s very happy about that.

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