AHHHH!!!! I’ve been tagged and tagged and tagged

I guess I better get moving on this 7 things about me post because I’ve been tagged by Aida, Lovelyn AND Cree. Hehehe!

Okay here goes:

1. I’m deathly afraid of heights to the point that I have a horrible time riding escalators (I do okay going up but can’t seem to make myself get on one to go down.) and I get vertigo in tall spaces i.e. large open tall buildings (the Mall of America – my husband almost disowned me when I couldn’t walk to the elevator on the 4th floor because it’s got a huge open area around it where you can see all the way down to the first floor) or downtown in major cities like Kansas City and San Fransisco where the building are close together and super duper tall.

2. I love video games. As a child of the true Nintendo generation I grew up loving them and still to this day have been known to play them. I have played my fair share of computer games too – currently I play World of Warcraft (yes I am a dork) when the kiddos let me (which is not that often).

3. I’m ambidextrous. I write left handed but everything else switches off. I bat right handed but throw left. I’m right footed. I use scissors in my right hand. My jewelry pliers – goodness knows cause I switch back and forth. And while I am left handed I do NOT do that weird hook style writing thing with my arm all twisted like my brother does who is also left handed, I hold my pens/pencils just like a right handed person.

4. I love to draw. Figure and portrait drawing is my favorite. My favorite mediums are charcoal and chunk graphite. A very distant second to drawing would be 3-D wire sculpture. In college I made a HUGE wire turtle for a sculpture class, his name is Howard and he now resides in my class room suspended from the ceiling – the kids love him :).

5. I am surrounded by other Jennifers. My SIL is named Jen. My husbands best friends wife is named Jen. My BIL’s fiancé is a Jenny. My brother’s wife’s sister is Jenny. I’m also surrounded by Chris’s – because all Jennifer’s have a Chris in their life. My husband is Chris. Dh’s best friends wife – her brother is Chris. BIL’s fiancé – her brother is a Chris.

6. I am half way through with my Master’s Degree in Education. I hope to have it completed by the end of next year.

7. I use a Mac. I love my Mac. I’ve had one since I was in high school (that’s like 15 years of Macs) and everyone of them has been fantastic and lasted at least 4-5 years each and we never had to get rid of one because it broke/crashed – only because we wanted to upgrade. I have one that is signed by one of the original partners at Apple (my dad is a technology freak and an Apple snob).

So I hope that was entertaining. 🙂 And now lets see who’s left to tag…Dayna, Michelle, and Chelsea.