Alpaca Textured Infinity Scarf How To

It’s been ages since I’ve posted any crochet which makes me a bit sad. I focus so much of this blog on my cards because that’s why most people end up here but I do spend a fair bit of time sitting with a pile of yarn and a some variety of crochet project on the nights I’m not shivering in the basement studio working with paper. Since I posted my last crochet project I’ve finished up a blanket and a scarf and started another blanket. Today I’m going to show off the scarf project and save the blanket for another day very soon.

Now on to this scarf. I have been struggling with scarf patterns and yarn selections lately because I seem to fall in love with a yarn only to find out that it’s not the right texture or doesn’t work up to have the right drape or even worse it’s itchy when I put the scarf on. And then there is the pattern – I don’t do well with loose and open stitch patterns – they just don’t flow for me and end up being a great deal of work. 🙁 With all this scarf turmoil I decided I would try my hand at winging a pattern and just making it up as I went along. This was the result.

Textured Infinity Scarf Pattern

Super huge thanks to my colleague, Brooke, for modeling the scarf, that is now hers, for the pictures. 🙂

For this scarf I used Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance yarn in Wood Nymph. This is the first full project I have finished with an alpaca yarn. The other project I tried was with a different brand and the shedding was so terrible that I just could not finish it. The Alpaca Dance yarn did shed some when I was working with it – mostly when winding balls of yarn or any time I had to frog a stitch or two but overall it really didn’t shed that much. This yarn is labeled a Worsted Weight number 4 yarn. In truth it’s really more of a DK weight but the furry nature of it makes it the worked up fabric puff a bit. I used a size J/10 6.0 mm needle with this yarn to ensure that it had a nice loose drape. If you crochet fairly loosely you may want to work with a tad bit smaller hook.

Textured Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

I made the scarf pretty wide as I wanted it to resemble a fluffy fabric scarf so it almost resembles a shawl and could be worn as one. The pattern could easily be altered for a more narrow scarf.

Textured Infinity Scarf How To:

(Written in US crochet terms.)

2 Skeins Alpaca Dance yarn in desired color. Size J crochet hook. Tapestry needle for sewing ends together and weaving in ends.

Chain 64. (An odd number of chains plus 3 for turning.)

Row 1: DC in the fourth chain from the hook and in each chain across. (61 DC total). Turn.

Row 2: Chain 3. DC in the last DC from the previous row and in each DC across. (61 DC total). Turn

Row 3 & 4: Repeat Row 2.

Row 5: Chain 3. DC in the last DC from the previous row. *Chain one. Skip one DC. DC in next stitch. * Repeat from * to * across row ending with a DC in the last stitch. Turn.

Row 6: Chain 3. DC in the last DC from the previous row.  *One DC around the chain space. One DC in the next stitch. * Repeat from * to * across ending in the last stitch. 61 DC total.

Row 7 through 10: Repeat rows 2 through 5.

Continue repeating rows 6 through 10 until scarf is desired length. (I worked until I ran out of yarn.) Knot finished end. Leave an extra long tail to sew ends together or finish off as is and wear as a shawl/regular scarf.

To assemble as infinity scarf lay scarf out flat and twist fabric one time in the middle. Line up the two ends and use tail to sew the ends together with an invisible stitch. Weave in tails and trim. Enjoy!

So this is the very first attempt I’ve made at writing up my crochet so let me know if you catch any errors. I know it’s a simple one but I really like how it turned out!!


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