anatomy of a weekend

Friday was low key and rocked. I really dig that kind of day.

Saturday was a hurricane of activity and I sort of like that kind of day too. 😀 Here’s the play by play:

  • 7:30 Evey woke us up
  • 8:00 breakfast
  • 8:15 dishes done
  • 8:25 laundry folded, switched and started
  • 8:30 kids dressed
  • 9:00 one yard mowed
  • 9:05 Chris and kids head to mow yard #2
  • 9:10 grub killer applied
  • 9:30 fertilizer applied
  • 9:50 clover killer applied
  • 10:30 showered
  • 11:00 birthday presents and groceries purchased
  • 12:00 on the road to the lake so I could do this:

So um yeah, lake trips are motivating. We got an entire weekends worth of housework done in 4 hours. We rocked.



Meet Smokey Legs, the lake house cat. (Legolas + Smokey = Smokey Legs)


I love this picture. I’m not sure why but I really like it.


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