and the winner is..

and the winner of this…


Twilight Movie Give Away Lion heart Lamb necklace is… number 11.

Perks of Being Me…

Congrats Perks!!! Look for an email from me soon to get shipping details.

Thanks to everyone that entered. Go run over to Perk’s site and congratulate her… it’ll make her day.

It was a lot of fun to read about everyone’s favorite scene. One of my favorite scene is similar to Nic’s, in chapter 5 when Mike is walking her to the nurse after blood typing…

Mike seemed stressed. “I think she fainted. I don’t know what happened, she didn’t even stick her finger.”
“Bella.” Edward’s voice was right beside me, relieved now. “Can you hear me?”
“No.” I groaned. “Go away.”
He chuckled.

Twilight, Chapter 5, page 96-97.

Any scene like this when they are doing their sarcastic verbal sparring dance around each other is just brilliant.

I’ll be heading out to see the movie the afternoon at 4:30. We are taking two buses of students to see the movie at 4:30 after school and I am one of the chaperons. I am stoked!!!

What are your movie plans? (If you already saw it please don’t leave spoilers.)

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