are you part rooster?

after my post earlier this week about ben’s adventure’s with his big boy bed, which he has yet to spend another night in, nic asked me:

why, exactly, do you wake up at 4:45 every morning? are you part rooster?

hehehe. nic as you will notice is always the one to get right to the root of the matter and is also not fond of capitalization. so for this post i will cut to the chase and in honor of her forgo capitalizing.

no i’m not part rooster. i really hate getting up that early in the morning but as i need to schlep both myself and my children to work and the babysitter respectively i get up before the chickens.

i’m a person who like her alone time. i’m not a nice person per say if i don’t get at least 1 hour to myself before the others begin to stir in the house. some folks need coffee. i need a hot shower and 30 minutes of quiet before i can face the day. without those i’m not at all equipped to handle the trauma of not being able to tie ones own shoes or find a desperately loved dolly before heading out the door 5 minutes late to the sitter.

now i realize this sounds a bit fishy as most jobs do not begin so early but teaching is not most jobs in most respects and as educators of man we are expected to arrive at work at 7:20 able to face 1,200 12-15 year olds. i like to arrive just a wee bit early to ready myself.

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