batter dipped and french fried

Put a fork in me I'm done. This single mom gig is for the frickin' birds.

Chris has been in L.A. for 9 days now and I just learned tonight that he has 4 more, potentially 5 more left (instead of 3) depending on when their shoot Friday wraps up.

I usually deal quite well. Take advantage of the opportunity to eat things he hates (particularly stir fried anything and cereal for dinner), turn the lights on when I get up at 5:00 am, park in the garage (well not this time, dang storm windows), hog the computer, watch chick flicks, etc..

Well, I'm over that stuff now and he's still not home. Not to mention that the majority of my social interaction is coming in the forms of conversations with a Evey, Ben and the population of my 7th and 8th grade classes. You need to know anything about High School Musical, Cinderella, Cars, who Suzie Smith went out with over the summer, or 1,001 excuses for being late to class now that we have a 4 minute passing period I've gotcha covered.

So in short, Chris…where ever you are eating sushi tonight…I miss you. I miss you forcing me to watch the Daily Show (even though I secretly like it) and Venture Bros. (which is really lost on me) and random YouTube videos, and eating breakfast outside as we duck and cover from that hornet that won't go away, and watching you play robotdoghorse with Evey, and legos with Ben, and even picking up your stinky socks all over the house.

And just so you know if you decide to go on any more 2 week business trips soon there better be tickets to DisneyWorld for 4 or a new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi with a 50 mm lense and a 28 to 135 mm lense hidden somewhere in your itinerary. 😉

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