breaking dawn #2

Beware. I liked it. A lot.

***No worries, I won’t leave spoiler***

So it’s roughly 1 am on Aug. 4th and I finished the book. I think I read something like 400 pages today. And I am speechless. I’m going to try to do this without spoilers cause I hate that.

I’m astounded at how wonderful this book was. I was skeptical at first. The premise threw me and I was skepitcal. But this book more than pulled itself together and morphed into a force of nature. In the way the first two spoke of the passion of first and true love this book speaks of the passions of an entirely different love. And it’s amazing.

I’m in awe of Stephenie Meyer’s writing ability. To not only make a completely implausible reality real, but to make you latch on in spite of those implausiblities and sink your whole self into the book and cry and cheer and laugh with the characters is amazing. And it’s true. There was a moment that caught me so off gaurd that I had enormous painful tears jetting down my cheeks. And another moment when I was so happy and elated and again surprised that I nearly squealed loud enough to wake my sleeping family.

I’m sad I’m finished but I am so ecstatic that it ended as uniquely and wonderfully as it did. And I’ll be happy to re-enter these delightful books many, many more times in the future.

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