breaking dawn post #1

So I went to Border’s last night at midnight to get my book. I had not originally planned to but since Amazon didn’t SHIP the books until Aug. 2 (thank you to the jerks who leaked vol. 7 of the Harry Potter series) and I wasn’t about to wait 5 days to get my book I waited in line until about 12:30. Not bad all things considered.

I was home by 12:37 am and by 3:00 am (shhh, don’t tell my husband, I said I would go to bed at 2:00 am) I was at page 117. Decent progress. Now I’m questioning my sanity as my son woke up at 7:00 as usual and my husband snored right through it. (I don’t hold tooo big of a grudge – he really can’t wake up for anything short of a earthquake or hurricane.) We have a birthday party at 9:45 am to go to so I’m not going to get much reading done until a little later. So far I’m not disappointed and I’m happy that there seems to be some surprises in there, or at least a few things I didn’t expect.

If you are reading it. How far are you? (please don’t leave spoilers, danke)

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