christmas pics, ballet and santa

I’ve given up on creative titles.

Did I tell you that Friday I ordered a new toy for myself? It arrives today! SWEET!!!! I’ll post about it later, when I get my hands on it.

Seeing Santa

Saturday we got up bright and early. Well Ben and I got up rediculously early – think 5:15 am. Chris and Evey got up at 6:30 – still really early for a Saturday and we headed out to see Santa at a localish elementary school. The setup was nice as always – the gym was decorated with inflatables, snowmen, Christams trains, candy canes, reindeer, it was adorable. Santa was about as authentic as you can get – right down to a real beard and bushy grey eyebrows.

Evey went first. She walked right up to Santa and hopped on his lap and they had a fine little chat about the Gameboy she wants for Christmas.

Evey visiting Santa

Ben was next. He walked right up to Santa, the picture of confidence, and said a loud and cheery “Hi!” Santa proceeded to reach for him and Ben turned on his heel and hightailed it back to me with a loud and resounding “NO! MAMAAAA!!!!” I attempted to reassure him that Santa was in fact a nice man who only wanted to take a picture with him but he wasn’t having it so we have this lovely picture of me holding Ben in the general vicinity of Santa. He even smiled a little bit.

Ben visiting Santa

Later that day Evey and I ventured out with Grandma, Aunt Jen and the cousins to see the Mystery of Christmas ballet. It was really well done and we all had a great time. Evey enjoyed it a great deal.

Christmas Pics

After coming home we decided it was time for take two of the holiday photos. I tried last week to get some and Ben was decidedly against the idea. He pretty much didn’t want Evey to be in his personal space. Period.

Christmas shots take 1 - really mad Ben

We almost used this one anyway but I decided I didn’t want him exacting revenge on me at some later time in my life so we are going with this lovely slightly cheesier version:

The final Christmas picture.

You can see that Ben is in the middle of loudly proclaiming “CHEESE” in this picture.

How was your weekend? Have you taken your Christmas pics yet? How’d they turn out?

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