Dear General Mills,

Dear General Mills,

You have effectively ruined every meal in my house for the last 3 weeks. Let me start my tale by assuring you that what started off as an innocent purchase has now become the bane of my existence.

A while back I bought some Cocoa Puffs for my husband who occasionally has a taste for a sugary chocolaty cereal in the morning. Who can blame him really? So I bought the requested Cocoa Puffs. I knew when I bought this contraband that it would be shared with my children as well. What I didn’t know was that your deliciously evil cereal has some sort of 2 year old ensnaring ingredient that would haunt me for what seems like an eternity.

Each meal at my house is now prefaced by the cheery phrase “Popo Puss?” When I respond as any good mom would, “No Ben, you can not have Cocoa Puffs for dinner?” I’m met with a more insistent “Popo Puss!!” As we battle back an forth I am soon deflecting a volley of whiny “POPO PUSS!!!” Which leads to the always dreaded “Ben, when you can’t stop whining you’ll have to wait for dinner in your crib,” and is usually followed by the masterful deflection, “Ben, wanna watch Scare You*?”

Each meal in my house proceeds this way. And heaven forbid I don’t have Cocoa Puffs in the house when it actually is breakfast time. Blimey you’d think I told him it was time to head to the doctor for shots.

Now in conclusion, I think it’s only fair that you put some sort of warning label on this evil cereal you have created. Other young mothers need to know that sugary cereal bought as a treat for their husband WILL in fact have far reaching and wide spread consequences for everyone in their family.

You might also want to consider including ear plugs with every box.


*Scare You = Monsters, Inc.

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