Dear Webkinz,

I have a special request as the mom of a very intelligent 5 year old who MUST feed her pets every day.

Can you upgrade your servers???

I realize that you have a massive number of kids on your site everyday and probably more than a few parents. I know I’ve logged a few hours on there playing trivia and Cash Cow under the guise of helping my daughter ‘earn’ money. And when I play at the shameful hour of 11 pm the servers run fine. But when my extremely patient 5 year old logs on at 2 pm when her brother is napping I could sew a quilt in the amount of time it takes the site to load.

Please don’t tell me it’s because you can’t afford to upgrade. I’ve done my part. We have at least 10 Webkinz in this house and I’ve given at least that many as gifts.

So what’s the deal? And when will it be running smoothly?


A addicted concerned parent.

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