dreams of a front loading washer

I dream of having a front loading washing machine some day. I have kids. Two of them in fact. They create more laundry than should be humanly possible. They do things like vomit and wet the bed. Not pleasant topics I know…bear with me. When these said unpleasantries happen a LOT of laundry is created. Our current top loading washer is not up to the task. If I bring it even one thin blanket it sighs an annoyed sigh and unbalances it self as I load it up – I think it does this just to spite me. It’s not until the rinse cycle that I discover the washer is annoyed with me. By the spin cycle it’s down right livid because I have stopped attending to it and gone off to do such heinous things as feed my kids lunch. So in it’s fit of anger my washer proceeds to thump and pound and then stop still full of sopping wet blankets and sheets. Three attempts later the first load is done. 10 more to go. *sigh*

Go to the laundry mat you say. Ha. 11 loads of laundry and two kids. Not only is my car not large enough but neither is my sanity.

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