feeling the burn

So it’s not really a secret to anyone who knows me in real life that I’m not the most athletic person in the world. As a matter of fact I think it might be generally excepted that I am one of the most out of shape people in my circle of friends. I’m also fairly over weight. I unfortunately got the "you will gain 5 lbs for even looking at that cheesecake" gene while my brother (and husband) got the "I will have this donut metabolized before I’m even done eating it" gene. That is all hopefully about to change, well for me anyway – I hope they keep their lucky gene as long as they can. We’ve joined 24 Hour Fitness. I love the facility – I just am having a hard time getting there with work and the kids but I’m working on that. When I can’t get there I am using our NordicTrac cycle at home, which I had to dust off with the vacum cleaner it hasn’t been used in so long. I did 35 minutes on it last night and my legs feel like Jello this morning. That is the desired effect I believe so all is going well. I hoping to start a regular routine of alternating 45 minutes of cardio on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a weight/cardio split on Tuesday/Thursday. And if I can get up there for some cardio on Saturdays I’ll go.

Next comes the diet change. I’ve started doing a few things, like making myself drink milk again. I really don’t like milk but I need to drink it if I’m going to get healthier. I’ve also started adding more water so I can hopefully cut back on soda. Soda is probably my biggest vice but I have recently switched to diet so that is helping. I’m going to concentrate more on the diet after I get the workout schedule down and into a habit since working out is harder for me than changing what I eat.

Wish me luck. If anyone needs a virtual workout partner – I’m game. I need someone to help keep me accountable.

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