fly friday #2

So this week in Fly Lady Land has been something of a struggle though I did get it together a bit more today. I’ve been struggling because we haven’t been home much this week, I’ve been battling an on and off headache all week and I’ve been mourning the loss of my summer. This week has looked pretty much like last week with no major improvements, still no zone cleaning but that’s okay.

So what Fly Lady topic will I discuss today…well, I think I’ll discuss the one thing I think is absolutely genius about her system. The use of a a timer. There are lots of cool things about Fly Lady and a lot of random little tips that make a lot of difference but in my life this one takes the cake. Who know that 15 minutes of continuous committed cleaning/decluttering could have such a vast impact on the overall appearance of my home. Seriously 15 minutes.

Now why do I love it? Because it’s only 15 minutes. I can do something, be done with it and go do something fun. Then later I can do another 15 minutes. And it works. I could have surprise guests right now and not be terrified that my house is a disaster. Now it’s not totally clutter free or spotless but it’s not embarassing. How cool is that?

So if you do Fly Lady, what’s your favorite tip?

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