flying solo

Chris left this morning for a two week photography shoot in LA. The kids and I are going to be flying solo for a while. To ease the transition we spent a good portion of today out of the house at a local park and at Costco.

I don't know about you but there's something about a 3 pound bag of pistachios and economy sized peanut butter that just beckon to be purchased. Today we picked up footie jammies for Ben (because HELLO they were only $7.00 a pair), t.p. (really, I can't live in a house without 42 back up rolls of t.p.), Diet Dr. Pepper, 500 disinfecting wipes (we have toddlers) and Kleenex for my classroom (because oddly enough the school doesn't provide it and I don't like blowing my nose on the sandpaper we call paper towels) .

What did we do with the rest of the day? Well Chris's parents graciously provided us with sustenance at a local pizzeria and then we bribed the kids to an early bed time with ice cream and another trip to the park.

Here are some shots from the park, courtesy of my phone so the quality is a bit shady. Ben has discovered the slides and is a bit of a fiend for them now.


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