Friday Fragments

It’s been a long week. A long, long week. Here it is, fragmented.

  • This was the first week back to work after a two week vacation. I clearly stayed up too late and slept in too much over vacation. I am wiped.
  • Having the Winter Dance the Friday of the week we return from break is NOT a good idea.
  • Entering week 3 with no dining room table. I have a new found respect for that particular piece of furniture. I will appreciate our new one in a way I didn’t know I could when it finally arrives. Who knew I used that one piece of furniture so much?
  • Ben has entered into a new level of ornery. He is really starting to come into his personality now and he is seriously a fire-cracker.
  • Why is my least favorite word.
  • Evey started pre-ballet class this week and did GREAT.
  • Evey also got a perfect preschool grade card this week. She’s gone from knowing less than 30% of her letters and sounds to knowing all of them in two months. Something clicked and LeapFrog’s Letter Factory is our new favorite TV time staple.
  • I did really well this week with Blog to Fit. Even after a holiday of gluttonous eating I was down 1 pound this week. I have no idea how. And my jeans were feeling much more comfy this morning.
  • I’ve entered into the time of year when I consider a hair cut. My hair is getting so long I can’t reach the ends when I try to blow dry it. Have I learned anything from the last time? I hope so.
  • I’m working on my TTIC entries. The dining room table issue is significantly slowing my progress.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. 😀

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