fun with google analytics

I was poking around Google Analytics this afternoon and I came to a shocking discovery. When you Google 24 hour stomach virus my recent blog post about the stages of said virus come up on the FIRST page.

Um, really?

As much as I am enjoying the insane amount of traffic this has driven my way I have to say again… really?

It would seem like there would be millions of other more qualified sites to go to yet, there I am and even more astounding, people are clicking the link. Now I could understand if you were searching for Twilight drawings, Twilight jewelry, thoughts on Twilight, fantastic amateur photography ;), random antecdotes about this and that, and book discussions you might find me but the stomach flu post? Really?

And if you came here because you have a 24 hour stomach virus let me point you in the direction of webMD or your qualified medical practitioner.

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