getting a little dirty

no not that kind of dirty…what are you thinking?

sometimes the only way to get creative is to get a little dirty. Well let me tell you that this weekend was PACKED with creativity. Last year our city teamed up with the secondary schools in the district I work in to put on an art festival down town. It was a last minute deal with rushed planning and a poorly chosen date. This year it was much more appropriately planned, it was held on a Saturday and we combined our efforts with the music department to put on an art and music festival. It was awesome. Well awesome except this year mother nature didn’t get the memo that chalk painting and rain aren’t friends. About 2 hours into the contest we got about 5 minutes worth of hard rain. Amazingly we were able to cover all but 1 drawing with tarps and blankets and plastic that appeared out of no where (it’s amazing what parents keep in their cars). We’ll have to work on the weather for next year. Here are some highlights from the day (the battery in my camera died before I could get finished shots of everything)…

These designs were designed and drawn by middle schoolers:







This was the winning High School design. It was incredible.


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