Goodbye Summer

In the great fun summer
There was a swimming pool
And a reading book
And a picture of

The the kids playing in the brook.
And there were three little girls sitting on towels

And two little boys
And a bunch of toys
And a little doll house
And a tired spouse

And some paint and a brush and a huge orange slush
And a sunburned mom whispering shush

Goodbye summer
Goodbye sprinkler
Goodbye kids playing in the brook
Goodbye bare feet and flip-flops
Goodbye girls
Goodbye towels

Goodbye boys and goodbye toys
Goodbye rocks and goodbye blocks

Goodbye doll house and goodbye spouse (NO! That's just how the story goes, silly!)
Goodbye paint and goodbye brush
And goodbye to the huge orange slush

Goodbye sleep
Goodbye lounge chair
Goodbye summer everywhere

So it's back to the grind stone tomorrow. Back to getting up at 5:00 am. Back to ironing clothes and going to bed at 10:00 pm. Back to countless meetings and phone calls and papers to grade. Back to calendars and planning and taking attendance.

I'm so very lucky to get my summers off but that doesn't make it any easier to start dropping my kids back off at the babysitter every morning when it's over. This was a good summer. I'm going to miss it.

(And for those without kids that poem is a big rip off big nod to Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Her's is WAY better, I just did the best I could in 20 minutes.)

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