Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Father’s Day! We have been having a very mellow family day and it has been wonderful. This morning Evey, Ben and I snuck out early to get breakfast goodies and a little gift from them to hubby. We made homemade breakfast burritos and Starbuck’s coffee for breakfast. Yum. Evey wrapped their gift and presented him with a new game for the Wii, Big Brain Academy. It’s hilariously fun. Index_hero_20070611_3
Hubby will get my gift next week – a new iPhone! 

For the rest of the day we have lunch planned as simple burgers and dogs and for dinner hubby’s favorite – baked potato soup, homemade of course. 🙂 Hubby is squeezing a nap in as we speak. This evening we are heading to the in-laws for ice cream and more mellow family fun with FIL and the rest of the gang.

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