have seen more than I ever thought I would of the inside of a hospital
and I know that we haven’t been there as much as some. When Ben was
born and spent 5 weeks in the NICU I made it though. It was just
something I did – I’m not even sure now how I did it – it just
happened, it just was. Then when we went back because he got sick it
was harder, much much harder. I stayed with him the entire time and
missed Evey and Chris tons. Now I see my dad in the ICU, pale and
writhing in pain, and it’s even harder. Now, I’m the one holding my
Mom’s hand telling her everything is going to be okay and that Dad will
be alright, hugging her while she cries. Don’t let the thoughts of the
worst sneak into your head. Push them out, they’ll only make you crazy.
Man, I hope I can handle this.
Normal, healthy – things I will never take for granted again.