how did it get to be thursday already

because I could swear it was just Monday. How does this happen??

These weeks are just flying by and I’m working my tail off, lol. Last night I spent a load of time drawing some stamps… I hope you all will like them. Today I spent a lot of time doing two things I really don’t enjoy about my job… ordering supplies and grading. The supply ordering is fun in theory until you throw in staying with in budget and making sure you have enough of everything for 278 students and double checking to make sure all the stock numbers are correct so they ship the right thing and then it really sucks the fun out of what should be an awesome shopping trip.

I’m a little sad I haven’t had more time to make much this week. I’ve been chasing my tail a little it feels like. I did just finish my first ever anything but a card project and I can’t wait to show that off but it will have to wait until a little later because my camera is at home… but I’ll show it soon.

I blogged a little over here today (there’s a sneaky of a new stamp).

I hope ya’ll are having a nice Thursday and being super productive. 😀

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