I think I liked 31 better

So far 32 is a bust. I think I prefer 31 and I plan on going back.

So here’s the numbers on the first 5 days of 32:

Babies born: 1
Funerals attended: 1
13 hour work days: 1
Cases of pink eye: 1 (yep {imagine me popping the p as I say it}, this belongs to me)
Times I’ve wanted to scratch my eye but didn’t: 4,529
# of raw hands from washing 5,398 times: 2
Times my iPhone crashed and had to be restored: 3
Sick children: 1, Ben as if you had to ask (possibly two, Evey fell asleep suspiciously early tonight)
Trips to the pediatrician today: 2 
Full nights of sleep: 2
Times I’ve been thrown up on: 2
Times my car was thrown up in: 1
Times I’ve installed a car seat: 5
Times I’ve cleaned a brand new car seat: 1
Missed work days: 2 and counting
Loads of laundry involving puke: 9
Times fully potty trained 4 year old peed her pants: 2
Flowers received: 1
Dinners out: 1
Games of poker: 1

Okay so it wasn’t all bad. I did get a beautiful flower arrangement from my mother and father in law (see photo below) and I we did have my mom babysit so we could go out on Saturday with friends, i.e. the dinner out and the game of poker. And I did get a new nephew out of the deal and we share a birthday – that’s pretty cool. But, I hear he’s having some fun with his parent’s sleep schedule and creating quite a ruckus over there partying by night and sleeping by day. 

Alright 32, it’s time to turn over a new leaf. I have really low expectations. All I need is a full night of sleep and a day or two that don’t involve vomit. Seriously, you can do it.

Oops…I forgot the picture.  Here it is…

And one of Evey just for fun cause she’s such a ham and to show her new snazzy hair cut. Bummer that my sunglasses look better on her than on me.

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