i’m such a nerd


I just got the email notice that Mario Kart for the Wii is officially on it’s merry way to our house. I can’t wait! There are endless hours of mindless fun in my future and I am stoked. This has to be the best game dynasty EVER. This is the third version of Mario Kart to make it through our house and we are all just as excited about it this time as we were when we bought Mario Kart 64  way back in ’96 in college and had all night tournaments. Oh geez, that’s twelve years ago, now I’m not only a nerd but I’m an old nerd. I can remember sitting on Brad’s living room floor playing Double Dash into the wee hours of the night – all four of us (Chris, me, Brad and his Jen) sitting on pillow as our bum’s were numb from sitting so long. We played that game until we unlocked every level – forwards and in mirror mode.

Oh geez what’s going to happen to my house now that we have this game and kids?

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