Impending Doom

AHHH. The ICE is coming. Everyone panic and frantically run around
screaming then jump in your car hit the gas station, the hardware
store, the pharmacy, and the grocery store. Make sure you buy 4 more
bags of ice melt than you really need because you never know if the
predicted 1" of ice will really be 4".

And NO, I don’t know if
they are canceling school tomorrow so please don’t ask me again. You
will know when I know – they call us at the SAME TIME.

So in all
seriousness this is going to be ugly. They are predicting 1 to 2 inches
of ice. That sucks. I have an odd sense of deja vu. The last time this
happened we got 1.5 inches of ice and didn’t have power for 6 days, two
trees broke onto our house and we had to live with our in-laws – oh and
then, we didn’t have two kids.


See all the pink – it’s headed right for us. And we live in Southern KC. Good times.