it’s official, we’re moving

In short the weather here sucks so bad that we must move. Now. Right now. Yesterday it was a balmy and beautiful 73 degrees. At 6:15 am this morning it was 34 degrees and I heard the first hint of thunder. When I was putting the kids in the car there was a bolt of lightening so close to the house I thought it was in the garage (that is NOT an exaggeration). It’s pouring the kind of rain that drenches you the instant you step outside. By the time I had both kids into my mom’s house I had to re-blow dry my hair. Now let me move on to the temperature – it’s 34 degrees and falling, it will be 21 degrees by 5 pm. You know what kind of rain that makes – really stinking cold rain. Now for the best part….the freezing rain, starts at noon. Love that.

Does any body know of a place in Pheonix that’s available???

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