it’s seriously insulting, really

***disclaimer*** I'm going to talk politics for a moment so I can get this out of my system. Sorry.

After watching last night's debate I was left in a daze by one bit of commentary I heard by the CNN annalists afterward.

"Palin performed much better than the Republican's expected her to."

WHAT! Really???

Because she was bad and annoying (um, can you say nucular). Quite frankly that is the most insulting and ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Because the way I see it if they were expecting her to do worse than that I think they might want to set the bar a little higher. Not to mention what that statement says about the Republican agenda for adding her to the ticket is appauling. And ballsy in a stupid, arrogant way.

My main observation of the night – she's George W. Bush in high heels, a pencil skirt and lipstick.

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