I’ve been drawing…

I’m sort of blowing my wad for tomorrow’s blog post but I just couldn’t wait to post because…


I seriously could YELL that as loud as I possibly could. It’s done. Put a fork in it.

Just some tid bits about this little drawing:

40+ hours
1 sheet of paper
5 pencils (2H, B, 2B)
3 erasers (cause I kept loosing them)
4 tortillons
3 cases of Diet Dr. Pepper – no really

So dun, dun, done… or drum roll or something…

Pencil drawing of Edward

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much of those 40 hours I spent on that jacket. Probably half. Seriously.

But he’s done. Now I need to find something else to draw… maybe a werewolf? What do you think?

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