“Jane, get me off this crazy thing!”

George Jetson could never have said more descriptive words of life in my neck of the woods these days! I haven’t forgotten about my blog and I’ll be back to post more good stuff in a bit but I wanted to post a little update.

Ben has been having SVT trouble again. He had another one yesterday and our cardiologist is out of town on a family emergency so I have been haggling with the fill in doctor who wants to raise his dose of medicine to a level I don’t feel comfortable with – and as it turns out nether does Ben because it caused his heart rate to dip down too low.

FIL is out of the hospital as of today!!! He is doing very well and starting to look and act like a new man – free of one bugger of an addiction and with a new lease on life.

And there is one more big surprise that I will get to post soon that is hopefully going to change things in my house for the better! (But you’ll have to wait a couple of days until it’s all finalized….sorry, hehe.)