just overheard in my living room

Just a little snippet from the living room this morning.

Ben: Elbow!

Evey: that’s not Elmo, it’s a bone.

Ben: Elbow! (with excitement and pointing at the TV)

Evey: Benny, that’s not Elmo, it’s a doggy (with a giggle)

Ben: Elbow!

Evey: Benny! That’s not Elmo, it’s a turtle (with exasperation)

Ben: Elbow!

Evey: MOM! Benny keeps calling everything Elmo!

Me: stiffling giggles…I know sweetie, he’ll stop in a couple of months

Evey: with annoyance…okay…sigh

Now about that whole not using their real names thing I posted a while back. Here’s the thing. I can’t do it. I like their real names too much and I keep having to go back and fix posts where I put it wrong. So we’re going back to the real names. Alrighty then.

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