keeping me in stiches

It’s time for an update on the kiddos. The mayhem around here is just constant these days. At 4 and just a wee bit shy of 2, Evey and Ben are awesome. Evey has a razor sharp mind that I blows me away. She notices and processes everything. There is not sneaking things past her. And now that she has decided that she wants to learn how to read we aren’t getting away with much spelling either. It’s funny how fast she learns something when she decides she wants to. We’ve had a number of chats with her preschool teacher about how to help her learn her letters and sounds because she was behind for a bit. It seems that all it took was her choosing to do it because in 6 scant weeks she has not only pretty well learned all the letters she was missing but has started sounding out words and is constantly found copying words down in her sketchbook that she pilfered from me, I mean journal. She also has a great sense of humor and is willing to do just about anything for a laugh – especially dance around the house with some of the most original dance moves I’ve seen, pretty much ever.

Ben is really coming into his own. In the last month or so he has started communicating in a much more meaningful way and he loves it. I mentioned last week that he frequently cracks himself up, well he’s still doing that. He is certainly the most hilarious person he knows. He has the most awesome and entirely fabricated laugh ever but it is always followed by a genuine silly giggle. He has a new found love of Dora. At the mere mention of her name he starts bouncing up and down with glee and says “Wiper, ere are you?” and “Aw, Man” complete with finger snapping. We’ve also cracked another code on his eating issues. The boy just wanted some utensils. It turns out he’s a bit of a neat freak and doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. Who knew?

Tomorrow, I hope to have a new sketch for you. I’m pretty proud of this one. It’s taken me awhile but it been worth it. I hope you’ll think so too. 🙂

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