Loads of stuff done… not much to post

So I have been quite possibly one of the busiest people on the planet this week and yet I have NOTHING to post, lol.

Work has been crazy. I’ve had a college student observing me all week and I had my performance evaluation this week so I’ve been very busy with all that not to mention every class has started a new project so I’ve been REALLY busy getting all that sorted out.

I am loving what we are doing right now, these are my favorite projects. My 7th graders are dot painting, my regular 8th graders are making tessellations, and my advanced 8th graders are starting a still life drawing project. Lot’s of good times.

I’ve been working on my tutorials! I have a Copic tutorial on hair coming up soon and on skin. I feel sort of awkward doing these… a little bit like I’m a newbie spouting off about something I just learned lol but I hope you guys will find them useful. The Copics are fairly similar to what I know about pencils so hopefully they will translate well.

I’ve also been really busy getting a bunch of images colored up for some upcoming projects. I’ve been working away on the Greeting Farm Twilight digi’s, on some adorable images from Mo’s Digital Pencil and some of my own stuff. 😀

Here’s a peak at one of them… well there was going to be a peak at them until I discovered that I have no way to upload them right now as we have no imaging software on our nice newly upgraded hard-drive… need to get on that or there won’t be any more stamps in my future.

Now on another note I’m a day behind on NaBloPoMo so I’m out on that but I’m still going to try to finish the month and… I just noticed this is my 400th post! Holy Schmoly! I think that deserves some blog candy. So here it is…


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