missing in action

I have not crawled under a rock and disappeared. I have unfortunately
had some horrid strain of this cold/flu thing that is going around and
my throat frequently feels like it’s going to seal itself shut. And to
add insult to injury grades were due this week and in some tragically
karmic twist I had 3 art projects that ended up due on the same day.
That’s something like 345 projects to grade in 2 days. Excellent
planning on my part. On the bright side I won’t have anything to grade
for quite some time.

Next week is spring break and we are
heading out for a family vacation. We haven’t taken a real vacation
since before Evey was born so this will be fun. We are heading to Big
Cedar Lodge and Branson, MO. It should be a good, mellow trip and some
much needed family time. It’s been a long year with so many ups and
downs that we could use some quality family time.