mucho busy weekend

Here it is plain and simple:

  • 44 cupcakes, baked, frosted, decorated… eaten
  • santa… visited
  • hairs cut (for Ben)
  • birthday parties… partied
  • Evey’s desk… assembled
  • Evey’s chair… assembled
  • Craft fairs visited but left empty handed
  • 10 birthday toys opened
  • 1 trip to Costco
  • Christmas tree returned, new Christmas tree purchased
  • not nearly enough laundry done (is it ever really done??)

Whew, it makes me tired again to type that out. We had a great weekend for Ben’s party and I have LOTS of pictures to post… but Flickr wasn’t cooperating this morning so I have this one I yoinked from my brother. This is Ben and Bill in one of them in one of the inflatable obstacle courses:

Ben's Birthday

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