my kids are ruining my hair

I used to have great hair. Everyone would always say to me, Jen, how do you get it to do that and my honest answer was it just grows that way. Straight, shiny, smooth. It was awesome.

Lately it’s starting to have an attitude.

Shortly after I had Evey I started noticing the tell tale hair purge that most women have after giving birth. Well not too long after that I noticed something no one ever told me about – the regrowth.

evey3All the sudden I had this crop of tiny new hairs growing everywhere that STUCK STRAIGHT UP. And they continued to do that until they were about 3.5 inches long. Let’s just say that Evey came by this lovely hair do honestly…

Right about the time I got pregnant with Ben my hair was starting to calm down. It was almost back to normal. Then when things didn’t quite go as planned with Ben I noticed a new phenomena in my hair…. white hair.

That’s right folks, I skipped right over grey and went straight to blinding white. And to add some serious insult to injury the first white hair I found was about 12 inches long. You know what that means? It means it had been there. And for a while. Not long after that I started noticing more and more of these lovely white hairs and they don’t like to blend in. Nope, they like to stand out and yell, “Hey, Everyone! Look at me!!!” against my really dark brown hair.

So what brought this story on? As I was driving to pick up my kids this afternoon I looked up into the rear-view mirror and I saw it. The hair sticking up in my part. 3 inches straight up. After trying to get it to lay down I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s all my kids fault and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Well except sucumb to the torture that is expensive hair cuts and gasp – highlights. At least it’s not falling out.

Did your kids ruin your hair too?

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