My Office

I have been tagged by Dayna to show off my office. Well hold on to your hats kids because we don’t have an office and what we do have is a MESS right now. We used to have a wonderful office but it is now that is being inhabited by Ben (it was really a bedroom to begin with). So we have converted a SMALL corner of our family room to a computer space.Office1As you can see right now it’s in pretty bad shape. That’s my dad’s LOVELY new Pentax K100D that I am borrowing (stealing would be a more accurate word), dh’s headphones courtesy of his World of Warcraft addictions, a huge stack of stuff that no one seems to want to shred, a broken baby monitor and another stack of bills and resumes that need to be put away not to mention the all important can of Dr. Pepper. Next up is the dining room table – my work space: Office2 It’s all spread out right now so you can see it in all it’s glory. I’ve been working like mad on a bunch of custom orders as well as trying to whip out some new designs. I hope to have some new stuff up soon. And yes the baby toy is an important part of my jewelry making tool collection. And here off to the side is where all of my jewelry goodies hide when I don’t have them strung out all over the table: Office3 My old Kecci diaper bag has been converted to bead storage and hauling to and from school (I sneak in a little time here and there – the perks of teaching art), my sketchbook, and the ottoman that has now been designated for bead storage.

Now that everyone is scared by what a frightful mess my house is (the rest of it is really fairly clean) I tag Cree to show her work space/office.

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