Natural beauty

Yesterday my Mom, Evey, Ben and I made a trip down to a lovely botanical gardens here in MO, Powell Gardens. The purpose of our trip was to snag some pretty flower pics for Evey’s newly remodeled bedroom (I’ll post pics when it’s all the way finished). This goal was not quite achieved do to Mother Nature and Jack Frost giving us a good week of below freezing weather in late March. We did however snag a few beautiful photos of the orchids they had on display.Orchid I also managed to snap a few cute ones of Evey who despite being dressed in the cutest little pink dress did NOT want to have her picture taken so I tried to snap a few on the fly. EveycuteI managed to sneak a couple of good ones in when she stopped running away from me. She took a break from running to sit on the side of one of their beautiful fountains. She then decided to get a little sassy on me and start posing so we got this cute one: Eveycute2

And not to be out done Ben was being super cute too.

I’m sure this won’t be the last you will see of Powell Garden’s. We didn’t even make it through  1/4 of the grounds and I’ve heard they have a wild flower exhibit that is breathtaking.