on the subject of teeth and dentistry

i’m a bit disillusioned today. i’ve just returned from a visit to my dentist to get a permanent crown put on a tooth that I had filled just six month ago. why a crown now you ask, well it would appear that in the process of filling the tooth it cracked and then right before my next check up appointment half the tooth broke off. It didn’t hurt… I didn’t even feel it.

now today I’m looking at the possibility of a root canal on that tooth because it hurts to bite on that side where the temporary crown is. well, it’s the permanent crown with temporary cement because the bite was off on the temporary

did the quality of my teeth take a nose dive around the time I turned 30?

needless to say, I’m a bit bummed and in denial. this permanent crown doesn’t fit any better and it still hurts to chew on that side… granted that could be due to the fact that the crown shifts when I bite down and gets rammed up against what’s left of my tooth. but the point is i really don’t want a root canal. 🙁

keep your fingers crossed.

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