Oooh, she’s alive, installment #1

Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been neglecting me blogging duties. I’ve been procrastinating and avoiding. It happens.

So how about a massive, all inclusive, all expenses paid update? Shall we?

So the Foo Fighters Concert from two weekends ago. ROCKED. It was hands down with out a doubt the best rock my socks off concert EVER! They played for 3 hours. When was the last time you went to a concert where the headliner played for THREE hours?? Seriously.

Here are some pics:

Us before the show. Ah, how cute.


A good shot from the beginning of the show. (Man, Chris’s iPhone takes SWEET pics.)


The acoustic stage.


The acoustic stage with the lights up during My Hero. I seriously teared up a bit during this song (there’s a thing Chris says about Ben that kinda goes with the song that caused it all).


And what’s a Foo Fighters concert without Best of You?

You can take a listen below if you are so inclined.

And now on to the baby shower. It was awesome and right up my alley. None of that silly game playing or embarrassing stories. Just good food, good presents and more good food. An excellent time was had by all. Here’s a shot of Evey and Keeley doing what they do best – Evey is opening other peoples gifts and Keeley is looking happy and wonderful.


And this concluded this installment of your massive, all inclusive, all expenses paid update. Stay tuned for the next update sometime tomorrow (I hope).

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