playing in the dirt

There is something about getting dirty and making a mess that has always had a draw for me. Whether it was spreading out every single Barbie dress, shoe and purse on my bedroom floor or playing in the sand box or baking a cake, I can make a mess. So as you might guess clay has a certain draw for me. I get sucked into it and block everything else out. People will say my name and I won’t hear a thing. When it’s time to work with clay at school I dig in and always come up with a project of my own. This year it has been original clay stamps that I am using to make pendants. I am addicted.

Here are some that are in progress per Mom and Kathryn’s request….



All of these are my own personally carved designs. 😀 These have yet to be fired or glazed. I have some designs in progress for some more sculptural pendants as well. 😀

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