Post 100!!!!!!

In honor of post number 100 I’m going to list 100 things about me that you likely never wanted to know….

Okay so not really. I’m certain I could only come up with about 10 things and it would take me a really long time for just that.

I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to stick with this for 100 posts. This is not my first blog, two have gone by the way side in a previous era. But something about this one keeps me posting. Maybe it’s Nic, my ever faithful commenter, reading buddy and blogging inspiration, maybe it’s my desire to be able to remember the ‘stuff’ of my life as it has recently occurred to me that I may want to reflect on it one day, maybe it’s the recent changes in my life, who know – lets just hope I keep it up for the duration!

So…in honor of this momentous (well, noteworthy at least) occasion I think I’ll have a little give away. I have been recently working on some new jewelery including some handmade ceramic pendants by moi! Leave me a comment to be entered to win one! (I’ll give away two!)

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